Rolling pins at the ready for Lancaster charity’s mad March fundraising cake bake

Cake baker Rachel Edmonds who raised funds for the Neuro Drop-In centre last year and her guest Laura Fisher.
Cake baker Rachel Edmonds who raised funds for the Neuro Drop-In centre last year and her guest Laura Fisher.

Charity begins at home and it is our local community which helps all of us at Neuro DropIn keep the doors open and our members, carers , families and supporters coming back for more.

Spreading the word about what we do is really important so we are hugely grateful to the Lancaster Guardian for it’s continuing support which is leading people to our doors – people who need help, want to help and do help.

And when we get invited to chat to Radio Lancashire we take advantage of all opportunities to tell the 
rest of the county what we are up to.

Coming up in March is our Mad March Cake Bake. This is your chance to involve your mates at work, friends at home and the neighbours by hosting a Cake Bake event and inviting them to help you raise 
some funds for a fabulous, locally grown charity helping people just like you and 
yours who need a helping hand.

Neurological conditions affect everyone when a family member is diagnosed.

MS, Parkinson’s, stroke, notor neurone disease, dementia, cerebral palsy, brain tumour and ACC congenital disorder are all different – but all bring with them life-changing illness and problems associated with lifelong illness such as decreased mobility, fear, confusion, anxiety and loss of self-esteem.

We can help, offer advice and listen.

You can help us carry on doing that by having some fun with friends.

Last year just six of you held MAD March Cake Bake events raising a whopping £2,000 for Neuro DropIn and this year we want you to help us double that so that we can make a start on a new carers support group.

If you want to get involved please let us know. 
Contact or telephone 01524 840762.

We will send you a ‘Getting Started’ pack. It couldn’t be easier or a more fun way to raise funds for a local 

If you are newly diagnosed or simply need a space where there is room to think, chat, share or make sense 
of everything, please get in touch.

We are here to support you and there is always a warm welcome and a friendly ear at the centre which opens Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 10am until 2.30pm.

Drop In, the kettle is always on. Reach us on No18 bus, or if you come by car we have great accessible parking.