Road repairs row rumbles on

The road resurfacing works on Lancaster Road could have been done in one night, claims a local resident.

Wednesday, 3rd August 2016, 10:00 am
Lancaster Road works. Picture by David Chandler

Paul Good, who has lived on Lancaster Road in Morecambe for around 10 years, said when he and his family were in America, work on the interstate involving scraping the old surface off, resurfacing and painting was done in just one night.

Paul said: “Why is it taking Lancashire County Council four weeks to do it?

“In America they did it in one night. I was surprised they had to completely resurface it as well, as it was only done just under ten years ago when we moved here.

Lancaster Road works. Picture by David Chandler

“The council roadsweeper came the other morning at 6am and at 8am they ripped the road up again.

“I noticed they numbered bad patches which need renewing, but why couldn’t they have done that without having to resurface the whole road?”

Dan Chalmers, area highways manager, said: “We’re making good progress on the works on Lancaster Road, having removed the old road surface and started the resurfacing work on Monday August 1.

“The resurfacing should be finished by the end of the week but motorists will see significant improvements even before then.

Lancaster Road works. Picture by David Chandler

“We still need to do some additional work the week after but that should not affect the flow of traffic.”

People commented on Facebook about the road resurfacing.

Michael Chucky Pettifar said: “People complain about pot holes and then complain about them repairing the roads... How very British!”

Marika Watts said: “Busy side roads , it would be better done just between say 7pm n 7 am instead of closed 4 wks solid.”

Jane Kerwin said: “Think we need some signs on the side roads asking drivers to slow down as they are using them like race tracks, please remember the kids are off for 6 weeks and i am a resident on one of these streets and i am frightened that someone is going to get hurt.”

Darren Caw said: “Should be done over night instead of causing chaos for weeks.”

Wendy Wharton said: “ It needs doing and there will never be an ideal time. Someone invent a road that does not get like this and then we will all be happy.”

Leslie Troth said: “If a runway at heathrow airport can be dug up and resurfaced in 6 hrs why does it take a month to do a small rd its a joke.”

Mandy Eden said: “Council could do with a planning diary for traffic works with a street map to see how one repair job has a knock on effect with traffic chaos.

“The only plus is Lancaster Rd is lovely and quiet, I wonder which roads the emergency services and delivery trucks will use for the duration.”