Right royal Beatrice celebrates a century

Beatrice Speakman celebrates her 100th birthday.
Beatrice Speakman celebrates her 100th birthday.

She was born the year before World War One and 14 years later she becameQueen – of Bare.

Now Beatrice Alice Speakman, former Carnival Queen, is celebrating a remarkable century of life.

Beatrice was born in Torrisholme on June 12, 1913, the year before war was declared and the same month Suffragette Emily Davidson ran in front of a race horse owned by George V at Epsom Derby.

At the age of 14 Beatrice became the first carnival queen in Bare, Morecambe.

Her first job was as house keeper to a family in Bare and later she became their chauffeur, driving a Bentley.

In 1934 she married James,and soon gave birth to her children Anne and James.

After World War Two ended she had another daughter Joan. Sadly in 1957 she lost her husband. But over following years her family grew and now she is the proud Grandmother and Great great Grandmother to 10 children.

Now they and the rest of her family would like to congratulate heron her landmark birthday. Beatrice celebrated her the big day with family and friends at The Sands.

She was delighted to receive a card from the Queen in celebration of her 100th year.


* May 25 1913 - Hitler moved to Germany from Austria.

* July 4 1913 - Tony Wilding won his 4th consecutive Wimbledon final.

* June 1913 - 25th Accession Anniversary of German Emperor Kaiser Willhelm, who would lead country into WW1