Rice is nice to keep down that cholesterol level

WE see a lot of people looking for ways to naturally reduce their cholesterol levels.

This was the case for a lady who came in on the advice of her doctor about eight weeks ago.

This lady had high cholesterol, her original reading was 8.7, so something had to be done to reduce this to a healthier level.

Naturally, initially her doctor had put her on to statins.

While this medication had brought her cholesterol reading down to 5.3, unfortunately she had begun to suffer with awful side effects; she was very fatigued, and according to her latest test results, her kidney function had started to deteriorate. Her doctor had therefore stopped the statins.

Unfortunately this led to her cholesterol levels going up to 8.5 again and the doctor advised her to find out if there was anything else she could try to keep her levels down.

Well, those who read this column regularly will remember that I have previously mentioned a fantastic product we use to help people like this called Solaray Cholesterol Maintenance.

See The Visitor (28-02-12) for full story.