Rewind Festival - everyone was there to go wild

The Human League
The Human League

I recently wrote about my experiences at Kendal Calling, which had been my first music festival.

Inspired by that, and the fact a whole load of friends were off to another festival, I set about getting last minute tickets for Rewind in Cheshire.

John Halewood Dodd

John Halewood Dodd

Kendal had been a mainstream festival with a wide cross-section of revellers, but the majority were at the younger end of the age spectrum.

Rewind was something completely different. The line-up were all from the 1980s and 90s, with acts such as Jimmy Somerville, Kim Wilde, Bananrama and the Human League.

The theme was that we were rewinding the years. As such, I imagined the audience would be more mature both in years and outlook. Right on the first point, but oh so wrong on the second.

As the music came from approximately 30 years ago I figured the audience would be in their 40s and beyond. They were, but behaved like teenagers on their first night out. It was as if the shackles had been released and everyone was there to go wild.

We were told to wear fancy dress and as the Boomtown Rats were playing we went as punks. I sported a multi-coloured kingfisher Mohican wig and my partner a green spiky number, which led to many double-takes from other motorists as we trundled down the M6.

We arrived to glorious weather with the Sugar Hill Gang on the main stage.

We soon found the rest of the Lancaster and Morecambe contingent. This wasn’t too difficult given they were dressed in outfits such as Beetlejuice, the Honey Monster, Boy George and Animal from the Muppets.

We partied right through the day and night with the first evening brought to a superb close with a spectacular fireworks display.

The next morning we were awoken from our tents at approximately 8am by the sound of ring pulls being opened.

I knew instantly another day of partying was guaranteed.

It may take longer to recover after weekends like this, but believe me my generation really know how to enjoy themselves.