REVIEW: Tranquil Spa at Salt Ayre Leisure Centre, Lancaster

Just relax is a request I struggle to take on board.

Thursday, 16th November 2017, 9:23 am
Updated Tuesday, 12th December 2017, 9:04 am
Inside the Thermal Journey Experience at Tranquil Spa & Beauty at Salt Ayre Leisure Centre in Lancaster.

The stresses of everyday life and tensions that build up in the body can become a familiar occurrence.

In a world dominated by technology, busy schedules and regular distractions do we ever take time to relax?

Do we ever just switch off, put our mobile phones down and learn to unwind?

From left, Tranquil Spa staff, Rosie Smith, Jolene Huber, Katie Sandor, Holly Rush and Karren Leighton.

Tranquil Spa & Beauty at Salt Ayre Leisure Centre in Lancaster aims to bring you a couple of hours of undisturbed peace.

Their spa experience includes a thermal journey through a range of chambers including a salt inhalation room, aroma steam room, herbal sauna, ice chute and a watermill sauna.

To begin with I was led through the noisy, centre entrance and down the wide corridor which featured the fitness classes to my right.

Once through the spa doors I was immediately taken aback by the interior, a big difference to the energetic scenes that welcomed me.

After signing my disclaimer the friendly staff talked me through the process and what to expect.

The spa changing rooms were spacious and bright.

Specially coded lockers were available which didn’t require a key or a £1, you just need to remember your four digit number.

Once I had changed into my swimwear (swimwear is to be worn at all times whilst inside the spa), and had a shower, I was ready for the Thermal Journey Experience.

From left, Tranquil Spa staff, Rosie Smith, Jolene Huber, Katie Sandor, Holly Rush and Karren Leighton.

Salt Ayre had previously told me they do not give out bathrobes, towels and slippers due to laundry facilities so ask all attendees to bring their own.

As part of the experience I had a choice of four luxury thermal rooms.

I chose the Salt Inhalation room first.

Sitting down was recommended in the room which I was more than happy to as the heat is quite a surprise.

The steam and lighting were enough to relax my senses until the sudden gushing of salt appeared from the ceiling as it filled the hot air.

The shock of the salt unsettled me and I found I was constantly waiting for the next one to arrive so I stepped out.

To cool down the Ice Chute is an effective tool, it is nice to dip your hands into after the heat blast.

The Herbal Sauna chamber was less steamy and had an almost minty scent in the air.

Not my favourite but more peaceful than the last.

I spent just a couple of minutes in the Watermill Sauna chamber simply because it was too hot.

It is good for soothing aches and the wooden interior adds to the experience, as well as the turning watermill, helping to control the temperature.

My favourite chamber was the Aroma Steam Room. It helped ease muscular tension and clear the mind.

The illuminated crystals added to the peace and gave my mind something to focus on whilst my body adjusted to the heat.

After cooling off I entered the Relaxation Room, which offers luxury loungers, soft lighting, green tea and flavoured water. A suitable place as I waited for my back and shoulder massage to begin.

Special thanks must go to staff member Karren Leighton who looked after me brilliantly on the day.

She did my shoulder, neck and back massage which was superb, I almost fell asleep.

I finished my spa day off with a Jessica nail treatment. A lovely afternoon which forced me to give my mind and body some well needed relaxation.