Review: Pennington Hotel, Ravenglass

Pennington Hotel, Ravenglass.
Pennington Hotel, Ravenglass.
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Taking a risk now and then does pull you out of your comfort zone.

When we arrived, out of a season, at the Pennington Hotel we did exactly that. With nothing but our sat-nav to follow we thought we took a wrong turn when we arrived in Ravenglass.

The view from the Pennington Hotel. Picture by Gemma Sherlock

The view from the Pennington Hotel. Picture by Gemma Sherlock

Situated along the Cumbrian coast, the quaint B&B overlooks a picturesque and isolated scene. Sitting within a setting you think only exists on postcards, residential cottages neighbour the hotel. The bridal suite offered us the best view and best space.

Staff were welcoming upon arrival and during the evening meal. The menu was sparse, but the food that was available was inviting from the wind which battered furiously outside.

We were well-looked after.

We had braised beef salad, a roast dinner and sticky-toffee pudding – traditional pub food at its best.

Boxes were ticked for peace and quiet, but little did we know the threat of Storm Desmond would soon put an end to this.

On a normal day it wouldn’t matter – two pubs, a train ride and a coastal walk were the only things to do.

We postponed the trip to Muncaster Castle as news of flooding hit.

Staff were on hand to help – advising the best routes to take for our journey. The scene of devastation hit home – the Pennington will always resinate to me as a comfort blanket, a break from life, a safety net in times of need. Me and my partner are planning another trip soon –this time, hopefully, with good weather.