Residents call for safety measures on Broadway

Some of the residents who signed a petition requesting traffic calming on Broadway including Judith Fletcher, holding the petition.
Some of the residents who signed a petition requesting traffic calming on Broadway including Judith Fletcher, holding the petition.
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Residents living close to a busy promenade junction are calling for traffic calming measures before a serious accident occurs.

Judith Fletcher, who lives in St Christopher’s Way, said the junction of Broadway and Marine Road East is “an accident waiting to happen”.

A Freedom of Information request by Mrs Fletcher to Lancashire Police shows that between 2010 and 2015 there were 94 damage only accidents on Broadway.

She said: “The county council has said that a crossing or roundabout is not a necessity because there have only been three accidents in the last five years.

“I did a survey among some friends and decided to get a petition started, and we got almost 150 names on it.

“We are asking for a pedestrian crossing on Broadway, leading to the Broadway Hotel.

“However, what we would really like is a roundabout.

“You are dicing with death trying to cross the road there.

“It’s lethal. There are two schools close by yet the council says it is not a necessity.

“Are they going to wait until someone is maimed or, even worse, killed?

“This road is one of the main entrances from Lancaster and we will battle on to get it made safe. It’s an accident waiting to happen.”

David Morris, MP for Morecambe and Lunesdale, has now taken the petition to Parliament.

He said: “I have been fully supportive of the residents’ campaign since day one and have presented their petition to Parliament.

“Anyone who actually knows the area can see how lethal traffic can be on Broadway and it is time for the county council to stop ignoring the residents and the facts from the police and put something in place. I am currently calling for a meeting with residents and the county council to come up with the next steps on this project.”

Paul Dunne, Lancashire County Council highways manager for Lancaster, said: “We’re aware of the request for a pedestrian crossing facility on Broadway and have carried out an assessment of injury accidents near the junction with Marine Road East.

“Our investigation confirmed that there were no pedestrian accidents to justify the installation of a pedestrian crossing until we have dealt with higher priority sites that have a history of injuries to pedestrians.

“The double yellow line parking restrictions around the junction help to ensure good visibility for vehicles and pedestrians, and the pedestrian refuge helps people to cross the wide junction safely.

“However, we will seek other opportunities to provide pedestrian facilities if any nearby developments lead to an increase traffic and pedestrian activity in the area.”