Rescue alert after Carnforth canoeist capsizes during Arnside high tide

The Arnside Bore.
The Arnside Bore.

A Carnforth canoeist sparked a rescue alert when he capsized while riding in the Arnside tidal bore.

The 34-year-old was providing cover for a 25-year-old paddleboarder when the incoming waves tipped him out.

Arnside Coastguard was scrambled and ready to jet ski to the pair’s aid but both soon managed to make it safely ashore.

The incident happened just after 12.30pm on Sunday, January 5. Both were out of the water by 1.20pm.

A spokesman for Liverpool Coastguard said: “One of the two was a paddleboader and the canoeist was his safety cover.

“The canoeist got it wrong and got in front of the bore and it flipped him over and tipped him out of the canoe.

“He managed to right himself and get to the shore.

“While he was sorting his own situation out, the paddleboarder managed to paddle back against the tide and they made their way back to Arnside.

“They both had all the required kit, including buoyancy aids, and, it seems, one of them was trying to provide cover for the other, got into a spot of bother but both managed to make their way safely ashore.”

The bore happens about every month and is caused by a combination of high tides and the shape of Morecambe Bay which narrows into the Kent Esturary at Arnside.

The spokesman urged people to be cautious in the bay when the bore comes in, adding: “The bore can be quite dangerous, especially at Arnside, and the advice is to always check the tides.”