Regent Park welcomes new arts café

A new arts caf� has opened in Morecambe, called WE, an acronym for West End.
A new arts caf� has opened in Morecambe, called WE, an acronym for West End.

After being empty for almost two years the Regent Park Pavilion has been turned into an arts café.

The £10,000 Morecambe project has seen the building restored to its former glory turning it into an ‘alcohol free social space.’

The café called WE, an acronym for West End, is a social enterprise, a not-for-profit company.

Kevin Goodall, coordinator of the project, has received grants between £500-£5,000 from various businesses to help bring a community feel to the park.

Mr Goodall said: “I would like to think that it is a much better outcome than a building that was empty for two years.

“We have had feedback from people saying it has been a massive critical success, it is doing alright commercially but people love what we have done.”

Work started earlier this year and the renovation took five weeks to complete.

Mr Goodall said: “Sometimes when you are in the middle of it you are not able to step back and think it has gone well. The reactions have energised me that we have done a good job.”

The arts café is the first of its kind for the area providing musical sets and exhibitions in an alcohol free zone.

The Morecambe Ukulele Club have performed at the venue twice and on Friday, September 26, Joe McCorriston, who recently supported Frank Turner, will be playing a free acoustic session at 6.00pm.

The art café is also currently holding an exhibition titled ‘Made in Brasil’, closing on Sunday, September, 28.