REFERENDUM: '˜We need local solutions to local problems'

Charlie Edwards, a Lancaster city councillor for Bare, is part of the Vote Leave campaign.

Sunday, 19th June 2016, 2:16 pm
Councillor Charlie Edwards.

Politics is about representing where you live and work, and looking after the interests of your neighbours and friends, on your doorstep.

Of the 10,000 employees of the European Union who get paid more than our own Prime Minister, how many of them have ever been to Morecambe or Lancaster?

Right now, we need local solutions to local problems.

Leaving the EU will be the beginning in a road to transforming the democratic processes of this country and putting the future back in our hands.

The masses, not the media. The people, not the politicians.

Parliamentary democracy means that no decision is binding, no vote is permanent.

The next lot can come in and change it all.

We lend politicians our vote, and if they abuse it, they won’t get it again. These are luxuries we lose inside the EU.

I want the people who I entrust to govern me to be trustworthy, open and democratic.

A representative, liberal democracy is the only and true form of government and only by voting to leave the European Union will you be able to protect it.