REFERENDUM: MPs in agreement on EU vote

The Labour MP for Lancaster and the Conservative MP for Morecambe will both be voting to remain in the European Union.

Thursday, 9th June 2016, 10:56 am
Updated Monday, 13th June 2016, 1:08 pm
Cat Smith.

Here is a summary of their views.

MP for Lancaster

Britain is better off in Europe. It brings us jobs, growth and investment, protects British workers and consumers and helps keep us safe. Leaving would put that at risk and diminish Britain’s influence in the world. If we leave: Britain will still have to follow the EU’s rules if we want to do business there – we just won’t have any say in making the rules.

David Morris MP.

Crucial rights at work, including paid holiday and protection for agency workers, are guaranteed by our membership of the European Union.

Being in the EU gives British workers’ rights to paid maternity and paternity leave, equal pay, anti-discrimination laws, and protection for the workforce when companies change ownership.

I am going to vote for Europe to change Europe. I am tired of the companies that abuse their global status to avoid their tax responsibilities or to play one nation’s workers or governments off against others.

I want international rules to clamp down on climate change and I demand a rebalancing of wealth, income and opportunity across the whole of Europe through new solidarity funds that move as people move.

David Morris MP.

This is not Cameron’s Europe. This is a Europe inspired by the social and democratic values of the Labour Party. This is a unique moment in which the fate of Britain and Europe will be sealed, in part by voters across Lancaster and Morecambe. The choice is not exit or surrender but how we transform Europe.

Working with social democrats across the continent, victory on June 23, if we achieve it, is just the starting point for the Europe we want.

If the EU didn’t exist we would build it now – different and better yes – but we would still build it.


I have decided to vote to remain a member of the European Union. This decision is not one I have taken lightly having always been a Eurosceptic but I believe that voting out would put jobs at risk.

This vote is more than ideology and needs to be a decision made on fact and considered risk which puts the country first.

I have always said that I want to be in Europe but not run by Europe and I think the Prime Minister’s package of reforms are nothing short of miraculous and protect our interests.

At the heart of my decision is my constituency and the jobs that the EU secures and provides. I have heard from the out campaign that other markets will step in and we can make deals with other countries after Brexit but I have not been convinced as the detail has not been forthcoming. I have not heard from anyone yet who can tell me what a post-Brexit Britain will look like.

Our constituency of Morecambe and Lunesdale is currently prospering with an extremely low level of unemployment and this will be even lower when our link road is finished and more companies come into the area. Could we afford the likes of EDF to pull out of our power station when they have just agreed a life extension? I don’t think that we could.

I am also gravely concerned for the financial state of our farming community in the Lune Valley should the country vote out. The basic payment scheme is a European grant paid to farmers based on the size of their land and is often a lifeline to farmers. If we were to exit Europe this scheme would not be available and would not necessarily be replaced and could lead to rural areas such as the Lune Valley losing farming as a vocation altogether.

I will not however be campaigning in the referendum as I believe that this is the people’s referendum.

I have had my say and it is now time for you to have yours. Back whichever side you think is right on June 23. Whatever your decision and regardless of the outcome I am proud to be part of a Government who have given my constituents that choice.