Rebecca makes album of cover songs her own

Rebecca Ferguson.
Rebecca Ferguson.
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There is nothing unusual about a former X Factor finalist releasing an album of cover versions.

In fact it’s often more of a shock when they bring out original material.

I found it really easy to sing and it was a project I really enjoyed. But I had to make the album my own

Rebecca Ferguson has been one of the show’s success stories of late.

This is because she is a real talent. Her voice is reminiscent of a blues singer from the 50s. Also she writes her own material and thoroughly deserves her achievements to date.

After two hit albums, her third is a covers album but not in the traditional sense. She has done a complete remake of a classic album – Lady sings The Blues by Billie Holiday.

Speaking on my show, Rebecca explained it was a big risk.

“Someone suggested it and at first I really wasn’t sure but the more I got into it the more I loved it.

“I found it really easy to sing and it was a project I really enjoyed. But I had to make the album my own.

“The songs all meant something to me so I’ve done my own take on them.

“I didn’t want to imitate Billie Holiday in any way, shape or form just make a tribute to the wonderful woman in what would have been her 100th year.”

If you listen to Rebecca’s vocals and her writing style this new album is not a world away from that.

“She explained that Billie Holiday’s records meant an awful lot to her growing up.

“She is just somebody that I admire.

“She had a terrible life but she had a lot of dignity and through her music she could teach a lot of us young squires a thing or two.”

I sometimes feel that I was born at the wrong time.

Musically the 60s and 70s have such a romantic quality, it was a time of real experimentation.

Rebecca Ferguson also believes she was born in the wrong era.

She has a misty-eyed notion of what the 50s would have been like.

“Even the clothes they wore. I’d love to dress like that.

“I feel that God put me on Earth at the wrong time.”

She recorded the new album at the iconic ‘Capitol Studios’ in Los Angelis.

“It was very posh there. The place is massive and you can feel the weight of all the huge stars that have recorded there over the years.

“It was such an amazing place, I had to keep pinching myself.”

Rebecca Ferguson’s remake of Lady Sings The Blues is out now.