Readers react to bin charging plans

Recycling bins.
Recycling bins.

Residents have been reacting online to news that the city council could charge new homeowners if they need replacement wheelie bins or recycling boxes.

The new charges for people moving house have been mooted to help Lancaster City Council cut the cost of buying replacement bins and boxes after they are lost, stolen or broken.

The council estimated it would spend £153,000 this year on replacement bins and boxes.

If the plans get the green light, householders would have to pay £18 per bin and £4.80 per box (including VAT) if they are missing when they move into a new home.

This would mean a total cost of £50.40 for the two bins and three boxes used by most homes in the district.

The council has appealed for householders to leave their bins and boxes behind when they move house, reminding residents that the bins are council property.

Social media users say the rule is unfair and would lead to more thefts.

Julie Dylan Edwards said on Facebook: “If they are “council property” then why do we have to buy them!?

“Surely if we BUY them then they become our property!? Also, if they are stolen, then how is that the new tenant/owner’s fault!?

“And how are low income families on housing and council tax benefits supposed to be able to afford to buy these bins?”

Vikki Llobera said: “I got given mine for free after out and out refusing to buy one and told them incessantly that I had only moved in recently. What a daft idea charging folk! More people will fly tip and not recycle.”

And Lucy Hargreaves said: “Errm, correct me if I’m wrong but surely having to pay for new bins in your new home will encourage more people to take the ones from their old property?

“This will also only encourage more bin theft. Council property, council’s problem. What’s council tax for?”

And at, huggy said: “If like the council says they belong to them, then if the new home owner finds that is has no bins, ring the council so that the council can report the theft of their property to the police.”

And TheLoneGunman said: “If the bins are council property, why are they charging me to replace them?”