Raid on Morecambe prom arcade leaves pub quizzers shocked

Slaters Amusements, Morecambe.
Slaters Amusements, Morecambe.
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An armed raider burst into an amusement arcade and threatened a staff member with a crowbar in an attempted robbery.

Pub quizzers in a nearby bar were stunned when the worker then ran in asking for help.

Slaters Amusements

Slaters Amusements

The man from Slater’s Amusements on Morecambe prom fled into the Palatine pub after being confronted by the raider, who had an accomplice standing at the door.

Glen Cooper, former editor of The Visitor, was taking part in the Monday night pub quiz when the man ran into the Palatine.

He said: “He went straight up to the barman and said: ‘Can you ring the police, please, we’ve just been raided’.

“He looked really shaken and distressed. The barman rang the police immediately.

“The man calmed down. He was leaning against the wall and getting his breath back.

“The police turned up straight away but the men had already gone.”

A police spokesman said they received a call at 9.40pm on Monday, initially describing two men, both with their faces covered, one wielding a baseball bat.

Nothing was stolen during the attempted robbery.

Descriptions of the men were not available as we went to press. Police investigations were ongoing and CID were on the scene on Tuesday morning. The Visitor invited a man from Slater’s Amusements to comment at the scene on Tuesday but he declined at this time.