Psychic Acorah who worked on OJ Simpson trial comes to Morecambe

'Lancaster and Morecambe has always been an active place, spiritually.'

Wednesday, 13th April 2016, 11:22 am
Updated Wednesday, 13th April 2016, 12:27 pm
Medium Derek Acorah

Derek Acorah, the man who describes himself as a spirit medium and is most famous for TV programme Most Haunted, speaks out ahead of his show at the Winter Gardens.

Derek has been a medium for a number of years and has helped police out on a number of investigations, including the high-profile American case of O.J Simpson.

He said: “You never get recognition of course, you are sworn to secrecy. I have been across to America, a fellow called OJ Simpson who was brought up for murder of his wife, I was taken out there by a paranormal group and I went to OJs ex-home.

“I had to leave with my wife for our own safety, the fear was of one particular man in a high position, that was the last thing we ever did for the police.”

It all started for Derek when he was six-years-old at his grandmother’s Victorian house in Bootle. Young Derek was playing with his brother when he saw a figure upstairs.

“I saw a man who I thought was a stranger in the bedroom. Colin, my brother, was older than me and he got downstairs quicker and I got to the balcony and I saw this man standing in the doorway. I froze, he was in a three piece suit, dark grey, I ran downstairs shouting to gran and by the time we went back up to look again he was gone.

“Gran was a medium like me and she said it was my grandad who I didn’t know. Gran used to usher these strangers into the living room every day, she would close the door and I wouldn’t see her for a couple of hours, but she was doing readings.

“I remember one time I was in a supermarket with my wife and I was confronted by a lovely woman who told me she lost her life in a car accident, she wanted to tell her husband through me that she was fine.

“Can you imagine how I had to explain that to a complete stranger? This man was beside himself, he was sobbing, I told him his wife’s name and how she passed, he asked if I could tell him more so we went outside. We now stay in touch.”

Growing up Derek used to get called “spooky boy” after he spotted ghosts at his friend’s houses. Derek was on the books to join Liverpool Football Club but finished his sporting career in Australia. Derek quickly learnt his spirit talent would not be understood by all. TV shows came his way but also sceptics.

He said: “There is a price to pay for it. People can decide for themselves, there are a lot of sceptics but a lot of ignorance, some of whom have never been to see a medium. They don’t affect me, they don’t hurt me, they don’t stop me from doing work.

“When I started Most Haunted my eyes were opened to another aspect of spiritual, I had never dealt with the negative side of spirits. I didn’t quite know the depth of what I was getting into, I saw a man getting dragged along the floor by his throat by a spirit. There is an unseen world that the normal eyes and ears cant comprehend with.”

Derek has seen two spirits at the Morecambe Winter Gardens, where he will be performing his show, Soul Reunion Tour, on Saturday June 18.

He said: “It has a lot of history, I have seen a man and a woman, the man I think used to work there and the woman was a regular theatre-goer. Come along to the show and try it once, a lot of sceptics come away believing. What I do is honest and natural.”

For tickets call 01524 409009.