Poulton play park in line for revamp

A revamp for an '˜eyesore' kiddies play park could be on the cards with the help of Morecambe Bloomers.

Tuesday, 12th April 2016, 2:00 pm
Poulton play park.

Morecambe Bloomers, a not for profit organisation partnered with Morecambe Town Council, has been given the go ahead to make Poulton Park a nicer place to be.

Chairman Debs Gourlay said: “Lack of lighting has been raised by residents as one of the concerns, as well as dog fouling and locking the gates at night, which aren’t currently locked.

“On the three perimeter fences we want to reinstate flower beds and make the lawns nicer.

“Longer term we want to replace the kids play equipment and create a a wildlife oasis with mini beasts.

“We are working with Morecambe Town Council and local partners to try and achieve lighting in the park, and also locks on the gates as well.

“Any work would be futile if it wasn’t going to be secure at night, and we also need lighting to make it safer.

“We are going to be holding a couple of community fundraisers in the summer .

“We want the wider community to enjoy that space which is a space for all.

“There is also an important piece of heritage in the park, the Poulton Gateway which needs to be protected.

“We are also trying to establish a ‘Weed your street’ week encouraging street residents to remove weeds and make Morecambe a more presentable place.”

For more information visit Morecambe Bloomers on Facebook or follow them on Twitter.