Poppyscatter vandals are mindless idiots

Mick Dennison.
Mick Dennison.
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Two conflicting groups of people came to mind regarding an incident that happened last week – scum and local heroes.

The scum were the mindless idiots who dug up the poppies in the Poppyscatter bed in Happy Mount Park. What were they thinking of? If children did it, they should be apprehended, and shown the error of their ways. If it was done by someone with a grudge against the symbolism, that’s more serious – let’s hope it wasn’t.

The local heroes were those willing volunteers who helped to clear the flower bed, dug it over then scattered more seeds. A wave of people just turned up, it was great to see, proving the townsfolk can get behind a project in times of adversity.

The volunteers turned up as a result of a great shout out on the Bay Radio, Facebook and obviously word of mouth – just think how our tourism chiefs could use this to their greater advantage to fill our promenade every summer? It’s a case of “Tell them and they will come.”

Well, it’s almost upon us. Love it or hate it the world’s biggest football extravaganza starts on Thursday and for a month you won’t be able to move for flags, bunting and national fervour.

All licensees are hoping the football loving folk of Morecambe will come out in force and watch the games in the pub. We will all be striving to make our venues a safe haven for watching the games and have received a set of guidelines from the police.

Expect management and staff being extra vigilant during England games, especially when it comes to fire regulations. If members of staff ask you to move away from fire exits, for example, they are doing it for your safety.

If you are thinking of trying a pub-crawl during matches don’t be surprised if some pubs won’t let you in. It is an offence to be served when drunk, some pubs will have door staff and will be looking out for that in particular.

The advice from all pubs and the police is to come out, get into the spirit, sing your hearts out, get home safely and enjoy the occasion.