Lancaster Rural North candidates.
Lancaster Rural North candidates.
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The Lancaster district's county council election results have seen just one seat change parties.

In Morecambe South, Conservative Charlie Edwards took a Labour seat from Darren Clifford.

Lancaster East candidates.

Lancaster East candidates.

Across the Lancaster district,, Labour took four seats, Conservatives took five and Greens held one - Lancashire County Council's only Green seat.

The Conservatives took overall control of Lancashire County Council from Labour, with 46 seats to Labour's 30, Lib Dems won four, Independts won two, UKIP one and Greens one.

Turnout across the Lancaster district was 34.8 per cent.

Full results and reaction to our district are below.

Lancaster South East candidates.

Lancaster South East candidates.

Morecambe Central

PATTISON, Margaret Elizabeth (Labour): 1,512 ELECTED

MORRIS, Stuart Charles (Con): 1,026

PILLING, Catherine (Lib Dem): 136

Robin Long (left) with Peter Jackson.

Robin Long (left) with Peter Jackson.

KNIGHT, Mark Andrew (UKIP): 274

RENOLDS, Gisela Christine (Green): 81

Margaret Pattison, Labour: "Thank you everyone. I believe in the people of Morecambe, who deserve a reliable, caring, active councillor, and that's me!"

Morecambe South:

Green councillor Gina Dowding gives a speech.

Green councillor Gina Dowding gives a speech.

CLIFFORD, Darren (Labour): 1,329

EDWARDS, Charles (Con): 1,613 ELECTED

TURNER, Nigel Davenport (UKIP): 344

Charlie Edwards, Conservative: "We only went and done it! I'd like to thank everyone who came out and helped in our campaign. People who aren't political who we've managed to inspire to get out has what's inspired me."


GARDINER, Andrew Paul (Cons) 1,758 ELECTED

GARDNER, Paul Malcolm (Lab): 1,146

GILLESPIE, Robert Wilson (UKIP): 255

HARRISON DOWDING, Connor Ashley Ted (Green): 88

MUMFORD, Michael John (Lib Dem): 144

Andrew Gardiner, Conservative: "I'd like to thank all the staff who've worked so hard. I'd also like to thank Charlie Edwards, and we'll be working together in the future. This is a spring board for us for 2019 to return a Conservative council for Lancaster, because that's what they deserve."

Lancaster Rural North

WILLIAMSON, Philippa (Cons): 2,298 ELECTED

REYNOLDS, John Robert (Lab): 1,174

SINCLAIR, Cait (Green): 167

BUNTING, Tony James (Lib Dem): 537

Phillipa Williamson, Conservative: "Thanks to everyone who's helped. We've run a really energetic campaign, and we've really engaged with voters. 44 per cent turnout is just fantastic. I'll do my best over the next four years to serve them well."

Lancaster East

WRENNALL, Joe William (Cons): 384

COLLINGE, Lizzi (Labour): 2,010 ELECTED

ROUTH, Theo (Green): 1,243

HARVEY, James Peter (Lib Dem): 129

Lizzi Collinge, Labour: "I promise to work exceptionally hard for the people of Lancaster East, and I am very grateful for their trust."


PARR, Hilda Jean (Labour): 1,317 ELECTED

BATESON, Stuart James Alexander (Conservative): 827

BRUCE, Carol Tracy (UKIP): 195

KAYE, Derek John (Lib Dem): 195

Hilda Parr, Labour: "I want to thank my predecessor Nikki Penney, this is very much her victory too. I'm delighted with the results, but I in no way underestimate the task ahead. We have to fight for every single public service, and a lot of people in this room, working for county and city councils, we'll be fighting for your jobs too."

Morecambe North:

JONES, Tony (Conservative): 2,404 ELECTED

CHANDLER, Phil (Green): 253

DUNSTER, Phil (Lib Dem): 310

GARDNER, Janette (Labour): 838

Lancaster South East:

LEWIS, Erica Ruth Estelle (Labour): 1,814 ELECTED

WALTON, Janet Suzanne (Conservative): 1,150

LONG, Robin Eamonn (Lib Dem): 369

MILLS, Abi (Green): 597

Erica Lewis, Labour: "I'm really proud of all the work that our local Labour Party has done. It's daunting, and exciting, and I'm really looking forward to representing the residents in Lancaster South East."

Lancaster Central

DOWDING, Gina (Green): 2,206 ELECTED

CUTTER, Anthony Mark (Labour): 1,121

COOKE, Kieran James (Conservative): 858

WATSON, Robert John (UKIP): 75

Gina Dowding, Green Party: "With this first past the post system, it looks like I'll still be the only Green on Lancashire County Council. I'm going to be a strong voice for people who don't want to see Lancaster trashed under a load of concrete, and for those who want to see a really positive future vision for a low carbon economy in Lancashire."

Lancaster Rural East

CHARLES, Susie (Conservative): 2,309 ELECTED

JACKSON, Peter James (Lib Dem): 738

WHITTAKER, Matthew Christopher (Labour): 940

WRIGHT, Mike (Green): 290


Out Moss Lane

HARDMAN, Joseph (UKIP): 23

HUTTON, Deborah Ann (Labour): 54 ELECTED

Lune Drive

PILLING, Jim (Lib Dem): 12 ELECTED

WARRINER, Andrew James (Labour): 11