Police step up summer patrols

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DEDICATED patrol cars that respond to anti-social behaviour are extending their tours of duty over the summer holidays.

Traditionally, the month of August can see an increase in reports of nuisance behaviour, particularly caused by youngsters who find themselves with nothing to do.

The covert patrol cars, which focus solely on dealing with anti-social behaviour, were introduced by Lancashire police in 2009 and led to a significant drop in reports of anti-social behaviour.

In Lancaster the cars will be out for an extra three hours every day and in Morecambe they will patrol from 6pm to 10pm Sunday to Thursday and 6pm to midnight on Fridays and Saturdays.

Those in the car, usually two PCSOs or a special constable, concentrate on hotspot areas or repeat victims and prioritise reports of rowdy and inconsiderate behaviour as they are made to the police – leading to a quicker response time.

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