Poet’s Lakeland paradise found

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I WANDERED lonely as a cloud...all the way to Grasmere to see the former home of William Wordsworth.

However, I wasn’t completely alone as my parents were down from Scotland for the weekend and copious Japanese tourists had also decided to visit Dove Cottage at Grasmere.

After living so close to South Lakeland for more than 15 years, I decided it was time to visit the place where one of England’s most famous poets drew his inspiration for the Lyrical Ballads and other great works.

We arrived at Dove Cottage on Saturday morning in time for a guided tour. It was a grey day but it didn’t detract from the splendour of the setting. The natural beauty of the Lakes drew Wordsworth to the Vale of Grasmere and during our visit it was easy to see why.

Even a philistine couldn’t fail to be moved by the brooding hills, the mirror-like lake, the lush, green valley, the huge variety of plantlife, the picturesque cottages, the local people and the peaceful atmosphere.

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