PM sorry at teen’s cocktail plight

Gaby Scanlon.
Gaby Scanlon.
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THE Prime Minister has sent his best wishes to a Heysham teenager who nearly died after drinking a liquid nitrogen cocktail.

David Cameron wrote to Morecambe MP David Morris to say he was sorry to hear about Gaby Scanlon’s ordeal.

Gaby, 18, had an operation to remove her stomach after she drank ‘smoking’ shots of Jagermeister at Oscars wine bar in Lancaster while out celebrating her 18th birthday.

The Ripley St Thomas Academy pupil is recovering at home after spending three weeks in hospital but is now limited in what she can eat and faces having vitamin supplements and liquid replacement meals for the rest of her life.

“I am sorry that it will not be possible to meet with Gaby’s family, but please do forward my best wishes on to them all, following what must have been a very distressing time,” wrote Mr Cameron.

Mr Cameron also said the Food Standards Agency (FSA) had issued a warning on the dangers of consuming drinks containing liquid nitrogen, as a result of what happened to Gaby.

“The FSA is also encouraging all environmental health officers to be more vigilant about the use of liquid nitrogen in food when carrying out their routine inspections of food premises,” he wrote.

“Investigations by Lancaster City Council into the events which led to Gaby’s serious injury continue. Once they have concluded, Government departments and agencies with an interest in this issue...will know whether further guidance is necessary.”

Mr Cameron also hand wrote a note to Mr Morris, saying: “This is, indeed, a shocking story and you are quite right to follow it up.”

Mr Morris has campaigned in Parliament for liquid nitrogen drinks to be banned.