Play park summer move gives me the bird

Mick Dennison.
Mick Dennison.
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Hooray. The sun has come out at last and there’s nothing better to make our town look good than a spot of the UV’s; time to drag the kids away from the TV and the X Box and head for the prom.

My granddaughter is such an age now that she loves nothing better than playing on the beach and making sandcastles.

Great until the tide comes in then it’s time to play on the swing park – except this summer it’s gone on the central promenade.

Reading my fellow columnist, Dave Brayshaw, last week on these pages, I believe LCC truly don’t give a fig about our kids play areas.

I’m all for making improvements to the prom but how can nesting birds in winter take precedence over the enjoyment and look of the promenade in the summer?

When I visit my daughter in Spain in winter the promenade area does at times look like a building site. If I manage to get out there in the summer the work has been done and the area is thriving – “simples” as the Meerkat says.

Where I live there is actually a great play area for the little ones, what a pity though it is nearly always populated by feral youths. I don’t think the council appreciated all the layabouts that live round the area they call the pit when they built it.

They make the park a virtual no-go area at times, of course the law enforcement is also under financial constraints and therefore as usual nothing gets done about it.

I welcome Dave’s revelation that the council are to hold a public consultation to find out what us the general public actually want from the council.

When this actually goes ahead I hope it is conducted in a civilized manner and just doesn’t turn into a bun fight and lots of mudslinging.

Unlike during the election it would be good to see council members lobbying around the local pubs and clubs; there is always a good debate or two going on around the various bars in town.

The next best idea could just be a pint away.