Platinum couple are still sparkling

Harry and Rosina hill celebrating their Platinum wedding anniversary.
Harry and Rosina hill celebrating their Platinum wedding anniversary.
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SEVENTY years of marriage and not a single row.

That’s just one part of the extraordinary story of Harry and Rosina Hill, both 91, who recently celebrated their platinum wedding anniversary.

The sprightly couple were brought together by the Second World War, Harry volunteering for the RAF at its outbreak in 1939.

Harry, originally from Whitehaven, was a drill instructor in the RAF, when he met his future bride in 1941, at an RAF station near Portsmouth, when she was working as a NAAFI (Navy, Army and Air Force Institutes) girl.

The pair married the same year.

Harry saw action in places such as Holland and Germany before the end of the war, and despite leaving the forces, helped train troops.

After the war, Harry set up his own business producing mineral vitamin supplements for farmers in Yorkshire, before moving back up to Cumbria, where Harry and Rosina built their own home in the early 1960s.

The couple moved to Bolton-le-Sands and their St Nicholas Lane home 19 years ago, when they moved opposite Harry’s sister.

Harry is now a full-time carer to his wife.

After his days keeping troops fit, Harry still exercises regularly to this day, working out on a treadmill.

Harry also likes DIY, and the pair used to be members of Bolton-le-Sands horticultural society, winning awards for their garden.