Pete Waterman helps MP’s rail fight

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MORECAMBE’S MP has enlisted another one of his showbiz pals in the campaign for Carnforth to join the UK’s busiest train line.

David Morris met with pop music mogul Pete Waterman - a rail campaigner and the MP’s former boss when he worked as a songwriter for Stock, Aitken and Waterman in the 1980s.

Mr Waterman held a rally at Westminster today (June 22) in favour of the HS2 rail link campaign to bring high speed rail to Northern England.

HS2 would allow trains to travel up to 200mph and Mr Morris believes this would allow stations, like Carnforth, to be added to the West Coast mainline and boost the local economy.

The scheme has proven controversial and plans for the London to Birmingham HS2 route had to be altered following protests about its impact on homes and the countryside.

Peter Yates MBE, who led the scheme to rebuild Carnforth Railway Station in 2003, was also there to present Waterman with Carnforth station memorabilia.

In February, Mr Morris joined forces with actor David Hasselhoff, an acquaintance from his days as a session musician, to raise awareness of the fight to restore Morecambe’s Winter Gardens.