Pete holds China in his hand!

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The world’s fastest one man band has returned to Morecambe recently after his debut performance in China.

Pete Moser, the artistic director of More Music, wowed the crowds who lined the streets for a parade during the Macau Fringe Festival. Most of the thousands of spectators had never seen a one man band before.

The parade was one of the highlights of Pete’s visit which was part of More Music’s work to develop more links between Morecambe and China since the cockling tragedy in 2004.

And Pete hit another high when he spent 24 hours in a tower at Hong Kong University, similar to a project he completed from the top of Lancaster University’s Bowland Tower last year.

In Hong Kong, he was joined by more than 40 students, staff and friends to compose and perform a new song every hour which was then broadcast to the world via a website which has since attracted more than 2,000 hits.

“This was one of best creative experiences of my life,” said Pete.

The visit to China was Pete’s 12th in six years and this time he was accompanied by Rick Middleton who is the lead musician for More Music’s Chinese ensemble and orchestra.

For Rick particularly, the visit was a valuable learning experience which included rehearsals of the HK Chinese Orchestra and Xiamen Nanying Troupe, formal lessons and attending performances of Cantonese music.

During their time in Hong Kong and China, Rick and Pete found that songwriting and drumming helped to engage the most people.

“Our international work is trying to bring some positive connections and learning from the tragedy of 2004,” said Pete. “It has also helped to raise the profile of More Music locally and nationally. I’m not aware of any other organisations of our size based in a small town undertaking such development work in the Far East.”

In 2013, Pete plans more visits to China to sow the seeds for future projects which could include a new World Music Festival in Xiamen, in Fuijan Province where many of the ill-fated cocklepickers originated.

And in February More Music will welcome Hong Kong’s Musician of the Year, Yin Ng, to Morecambe for a 10 day visit including a special evening of music on February 2 entitled Snake Music.

Throughout Lancashire, More Music will continue to run workshops in schools promoting Chinese music and its Chinese Community Orchestra will perform at community events.