Thieves trash popular riverside snack bar near Lancaster

Thieves ransacked a popular riverside snack bar near Lancaster, stealing charity boxes and destroying nearby parking meters.

Monday, 3rd June 2019, 11:38 am
The kitchen at Woodie's Snack Bar at The Crook O' Lune was ransacked.

Woodie’s Snack Bar at The Crook O’ Lune between Caton and Halton was broken into in the early hours of Thursday, May 30.

Manager Lisa Woodruff said whoever did it must have “trashed the place” because they couldn’t find any cash.

They did however make off with a full charity box for North West Air Ambulance, and two others for Cancercare and Galloways for the Blind.

Thieves also broke in to the parking meters at Crook O' Lune car park.

“It was mindless really”, she said.

“The door had been hacked at and they pretty much trashed the place.

“They left the fridges and freezers open so I lost all the stock. They even tried to get into the ceiling space thinking I might store my millions in there.”

Lisa said that the break in caused around £200 in damage, and the thieves also took cans of pop, chocolate bars, and cakes.

It is also understood that a fireextinguisher was used to break into the parking machines on the car park, causing around £10,000 worth of damage.

“I’m not taking it personally”, Lisa added.

“I don’t think it was anyone local as who would have done this knowing what our family had been through recently?”

Former Lancaster Mayor and councillor Paul Woodruff set up Woodie’s Snack Bar at The Crook O’Lune with his wife Dee.

Anyone with information about the break-in should contact Lancashire Police on 101 quoting reference number LC-20190530-0284.