Seventieth birthday celebrations for couple born hours apart in Morecambe hospital

Linda and Allen Nutt with their great granddaughter Aria.
Linda and Allen Nutt with their great granddaughter Aria.

A Morecambe couple born within hours of each other in the same hospital mark their 70th birthdays this month.

Linda and Allen Nutt will also be celebrating their golden wedding anniversary in 2021 after 50 years of happy marriage.

Linda and Allen Nutt on their wedding day.

Linda and Allen Nutt on their wedding day.

The pair were both born at Morecambe’s Victoria Hospital on October 20 1949 – Linda arriving into the world first, followed a few hours later by Allen.

However, because their parents didn’t know each other, their paths didn’t cross at the hospital and it wasn’t until Linda and Allen were 14 that they met through a mutual friend.

“It wasn’t until we were 14 that our paths crossed,” Linda said.

“A friend knew Allen and he sent a message to my friend to say that he liked me. I was hiding behind a curtain and peeping out to look at him.

Linda and Allen Nutt.

Linda and Allen Nutt.

“When I first saw him I thought how young he looked and so I sent someone to ask how old he was and they came back and said he would be 15 on October 20, which was the same as me.

“We started going out but shortly afterwards, he moved away for a year – he came back when he was 16 and wrote me a letter asking if I wanted to go out with him again and we have been together ever since.”

The couple married at St Mary’s Church in Morecambe in 1971, and will celebrate their wedding anniversary on October 16 – four days before their birthday.

“We wanted to get married on our birthday but it fell on a Wednesday and my dad said we couldn’t ask people to take the time off work, so we got married on the nearest Saturday,” Linda said.

Linda and Allen Nutt.

Linda and Allen Nutt.

Growing up, Linda went to St Mary’s Primary School and then for a short time the newly built Our Lady’s High School in Lancaster, while Allen attended Euston Road School.

After leaving school, Linda worked at Woods chemist in Alexandra Road before moving on to work as a telephonist for the telephone exchange.

After the couple’s children were born, Linda then worked for the Post Office, and has now been there for almost 40 years – currently part-time at Westgate Post Office but previously on the Lancaster University campus for 21 years.

Allen, meanwhile, worked as a carpet fitter his whole career, and still works within the industry today.

The couple have two children – daughter Jo, who lives in Wigan, and son Andrew, who lives in Runcorn.

They have nine grandchildren and a great granddaughter, Aria, who was born in April.

Daughter Jo said: “Every year when it is their birthday people are surprised by the fact they were born on the same day, same year, same hospital in Morecambe, and have been married and in love for so long.”

The couple celebrate turning 70 with a two-week cruise around the Adriatic, stopping off in Venice for their anniversary and Sicily for their birthday, where they hope to climb Mount Etna.

On their return they will enjoy a family gathering to celebrate their special day.

Linda said the couple are constantly having to explain their joint birthday.

“You sometimes hear of people with the same birth date being married, but not necessarily the same year,” she said.

“To have been born on exactly the same day and in the same hospital and then to meet up years later is quite unusual.

“People will always comment on how unusual it is, especially on the phone if you are giving your details to someone.

“One of our grandchildren loves telling people about it.”