Peace pole plan for Lancaster gardens

Plans to erect a 2.5m “peace pole” in a Lancaster park have been submitted to the city council.

Wednesday, 10th July 2019, 12:58 pm
Dallas Road Gardens is the site for a proposed new Peace Pole in Lancaster.

Lancaster Quakers have put forward proposals to site a new oak peace pole in Dallas Road Gardens, in Dallas Road.

Architect Mo Kelly, on behalf of Lancaster Quakers, said in a planning statement that there are peace poles in 180 countries around the world bearing the inscription “May peace prevail on earth” in different languages.

The proposed peace pole in Lancaster would bear the same words on each of the four faces of the pole.

Many of the peace poles were installed at the end of World War Two. Lancaster Girls Grammar School and is located in a private space within the school’s Pear Tree Garden.

Ms Kelly said that the introduction of a peace pole would appear to be “positively welcomed” by the multi cultural residents and schools close to Dallas Road Gardens.