Pat on back for Morecambe park’s teen team

Volunteers for the Lancaster and Morecambe Prince’s Trust Team 52 have transformed two key areas of Regent Park.

Thursday, 7th November 2019, 10:31 am
Graham Buckley with Prince's Trust team members at Regent Park.

The group of 13 young people have worked tirelessly to revamp the Orchard and the Friends garden, digging and pulling up old plants and then replacing them with more than 4000 new bulbs

The brilliant work done by Team 52 will be seen and enjoyed by the local community in the future, allowing people to walk through the park in years to come and see the outcome of their work.

They picked this project due to the park starting to look a bit tired and most of the team live in the local area so they wanted to give something back to their community.

The Mayor, David Whitaker, with Prince's Trust team members.

The team completed the project by organising a handover ceremony which was well attended by friends and family members, as well as local community members and individuals who are involved with the Friends of Regent Park committee.

Local councillor Janice Hanson expressed her thanks for all their hard work and presented the Prince’s Trust Team members with a certificate of completion.

Graham Buckley said: “As Chair of the Friends of Regent Park we appreciate the hard work that Team 52 of the Prince’s Trust has done in the park.

“To have young people care about the park was fantastic and I am sure that visitors will reap the rewards next spring.

From left: Jack Boarman, Lauren Canning and Thomas Holliman.

“A big thank you to all involved.”

The Mayor of Lancaster, David Whitaker was also suitably impressed when he visited the completed project.