Morecambe school suffers roof vandalism during half-term break

Young vandals have caused extensive damage to the roof of a Morecambe school during its half-term holiday.

Tuesday, 19th October 2021, 4:55 am
Updated Tuesday, 19th October 2021, 4:42 pm
Lancaster Road Primary School, in Morecambe. Photo: Google Street View

Lancaster Road Primary School suffered the damage earlier this week, and anyone with information which may help identify the youths is being asked to contact police.

The school posted on social media that the repairs would be "very expensive" and not budgeted for - and they are also unable to claim on insurance.

Generous residents have already offered to fundraise to help cover the costs.

The school posted: "Happy half-term holidays! Unfortunately, the half-term hasn't started as happily for us as we've had some young people on our roof and this has caused extensive damage.

"As well as being a health and safety concern, the repairs are very expensive and this is a cost we've not budgeted for.

"We will now have to find the money. All schools are self-insured so it's not something we can even claim for.

"We have installed additional CCTV cameras across the site as well as other security measures. The police are involved but we would really welcome your help.

"If you have any information, or see youths on the roof of the school or in the school grounds, we would be very grateful if you could contact the police on 101 or the local PCSO."