Meet new Freemen of Lancaster honoured

All those who became Freemen of Lancaster at the weekend were honoured at the annual Freeman’s Court.

Thursday, 25th July 2019, 11:46 am
The new installed Freemen (please note that the photograph does not follow this order) are: Alison Bargh, Andrew Bargh, Louise Bryning, Aaron Dodds, Noeleen Gardner, Valerie Goulding, Dermot Howe, Diane Howe, David Illingworth, Simon Kay, Graham Liver, Suzanne Mitchell, Archie Newberry, Andrew Reilly, David Silver, Reginald Stoddon, Patricia Wilkinson.

Each year Lancaster City Council continues the longstanding custom of admitting new Freemen of the city.

Traditionally the honour of becoming a Freeman carried a number of privileges including the right to ‘pasture a limited number of beasts’ on the Marsh, to enter the city free from the payment of tolls and also to bring goods through toll gates for sale at the Lancaster Market.

Nowadays the role carries few rights, but remains popular amongst those proud of their heritage.