Heysham Port gets £1m government Brexit cash for more HGV parking, container storage and vehicle access facilities

Photo Neil Cross'Trailers at Heysham Port
Photo Neil Cross'Trailers at Heysham Port

Heysham Port has received £1m to help it prepare for Brexit, which the government says is scheduled for October 31.

The Department for Transport (DfT) announced today, September 27, that the ports of Heysham and Liverpool are among 16 successful bidders of the £10m Port Infrastructure Resilience and Connectivity (PIRC) competition.

Photo Neil Cross'Dredging at Heysham Port

Photo Neil Cross'Dredging at Heysham Port

The fund provides ports up to £1m each to deliver important infrastructure upgrades, including more space for HGV parking and container storage as well as enhanced vehicle access facilities and signage to help keep traffic and trade flowing smoothly across the border.

The fund comes as part of a £30m government scheme, announced last month, to bolster ports across England and ensure they continue to operate efficiently post-Brexit.

Mark Whitworth, Chief Executive Officer of Peel Ports, which owns Heysham Port, said: “We are doing everything we can to help our customers continue delivering import and export trade throughout our port network. This government funding helps us to put in place additional measures to achieve that. Whatever happens after 31 October we are as ready as we can be to facilitate global commerce that will benefit the UK economy.”

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said: “Our world-leading maritime ports are fundamental not only to our success as a global trading nation but also to people’s everyday lives, bringing vital goods into the country.

“This timely investment will support ports across the country in their work to boost capacity and efficiency, ensuring they’re ready for Brexit and a successful future.”

In February this year, HMRC said that goods shipped to Britain from the EU are to be waved through 20 UK ports, including Heysham, without checks in a “no-deal” Brexit scenario to avoid huge jams.

Last June, Peel Ports predicted a Brexit boost for Heysham.

The company that although many in the logistics industry are predicting that delays due to border checks will worsen the current shortage of HGV drivers after Brexit – with knock-on effects through the rest of the UK – more cargo owners will ship goods using unaccompanied lorry trailers, especially on Irish Sea routes such as Heysham.

Just over 50 per cent of the freight on the Irish Sea is currently unaccompanied, Peel Ports says, meaning that only the trailer is shipped.

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