Gender reveal confetti cannons reveal Britain’s biggest family are expecting baby girl

Sue and Noel Radford
Sue and Noel Radford

It’s a girl!

Gender reveal confetti cannons have revealed that Britain’s biggest family are expecting a baby girl.

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The baby will join the Radford family squad of 21, who are from Morecambe, in April.

In a Vlog releasing their news parents Sue, 44, and Noel Radford, 48, said they were “very excited”.

As the family trouped outside to set off the gender reveal cannons Sue said: “I just can’t take the suspense any longer.”

There was one false start with a countdown of five, four, three, two, one but when Sue and Noel finally released the cannons and pink confetti flew up into the air there were screams and shouts of joy from all the family.

Speaking afterwards Noel said: “We were absolutely convinced it was going to be a little boy.”

The duo were soon faced with their next challenge - deciding on a name for the new baby.

Suggestions of Dolly and Amelie were shouted down by their children.