City councillor helps clear surface flooding in Lancaster

Lancaster city councillor Phil Black has urged residents to help keep drains clear after helping out after heavy rain at the weekend.

Thursday, 19th November 2020, 12:30 pm
Skerton West ward councillor Phillip Black clearing the blocked drains on Sunday.

Following heavy rainfall overnight on Saturday there were several instances of surface flooding in the Scale Hall area of Lancaster.

Skerton West ward councillor Phillip Black spent much of Sunday morning out and about clearing gullies blocked with leaves and draining away water which was pooling on the roads.

The Labour councillor, who will be contesting Morecambe South in next year's Lancashire County Council elections, has now encouraged residents to pitch in and take direct action to clear blocked drains of leaf litter.

This, he says, will help to prevent further instances of surface flooding across our district during wet weather.

He said: "Clearing a drain blocked by fallen leaves is easy and safe. Simply sweep the leaf litter from the top of the drain a little further in toward the centre of the road using a yard broom or hoe.

"Any flood water should then quickly flow in behind and drain away. If the gully is more severely blocked and not draining then this can be reported to Lancashire County Council online.

“It only takes a handful of leaves to block a grid, but the volume of water that builds up can quickly become a hazard to drivers and pedestrians alike.

"At its worst surface flooding builds up and can enter people’s homes and businesses, as it has done already this year in some parts of our district.

"With climate change causing more frequent and heavier downpours this is a problem which will only get worse – so let’s all do our part to prevent surface flooding by keeping an eye on the drains near us.”

To report a blocked gully on the highway, go online here or search for “Lancashire Report It” online.