Bentham pet charity lets 'cat out of the bag' about upcoming plans

Animal welfare charity Bentham & District Pet Rescue (BPR) have continued to work through all three lockdowns, taking in and finding new homes for abandoned, stray and bereaved pets.

Monday, 1st March 2021, 3:51 pm
Bentham and District Pet Rescue residents Georgie and Gio.

The charity is about to undergo some exciting changes and are looking for new trustees who can spare a few hours each month, to help shape the future of the charity, via a monthly (remote) meeting.

In particular they are looking for a Chair and a Secretary, but all new additional trustees will be made very welcome.

First started in 1997, the charity has successfully homed (or rehomed) thousands of pets in the intervening years.

wThe charity never puts a healthy animal down, no matter how long it may take to rehome.

Phillp Ware, BPR Chair said: “Up to this point the charity was using a model where core volunteers housed and looked after pets on their own land – and up to this point the model has worked really well for us.

"However, due to two upcoming retirements – as well as an ongoing increasing number of residents - we are working towards securing our own land or buildings where we can create our own purpose-built pet sanctuary.

"To use pet rescue lingo, this would be BPR’s ‘forever home.’"

If you would like to know more about becoming a trustee, please email Phillip at [email protected]