Pensioner crashes car into golf club

A car crashes into Morecambe Golf Club.
A car crashes into Morecambe Golf Club.

Diners at Morecambe Golf Club were shocked when a car crashed into the club restaurant.

An elderly man had lost control of his vehicle and ran into the club dining room, wrecking two windows and part of the wall.

The room was evacuated and fire crews, police and paramedics were called to the scene after the crash at around 2.15pm on Sunday.

Steve Alcock, general manager at the club, said: “The main thing is nobody was hurt.

“I’ve called (the driver) this morning and he’s a bit shaken and sore, but he and his wife are otherwise OK.

“It caused quite a bit of damage. We’ve lost two windows and it damaged the corner of the main building.

“We’re just waiting for the insurance company to sort things out. The club was still open yesterday for members to have a drink, although we closed the dining operation. But we’re open as normal now.

“We have quite a few members who are builders who help us out.”

Steve Brown, Lancashire fire and rescue watch manager, said: “There were a couple of lintels hanging down.

“We made it safe in conjunction with Lancaster City Council who used a building contractor to prop it up.”