Pauline’s still high kicking at 90

Pauline Byard feature
Pauline Byard feature
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PAULINE Byard is Heysham’s very own dancing queen.

With more than 80 years’ experience on the stage, Pauline has quite literally danced her way around the world, brushing shoulders with the likes of Josephine Baker and entertaining the troops during World War II.

“I’ve always been interested in dancing from about the age of three,” said Pauline.

“On my school report at the end of the term, it said ‘Pauline’s work has suffered this term, obviously owing to physical fatigue’, because I was dancing a lot and my teacher didn’t like it.”

Pauline was born in London, and was adopted when she was two-and-a- half years old, by a family from Huddersfield.

An only child, Pauline soon developed a passion for dance, attending classes from an early age.

“I had a marvellous teacher, said Pauline. “She was called Mabel Glover and, when I left school at 16, I went to her dance school full-time where I took my Advanced Royal Academy of Dance exams.”

When Pauline’s teacher moved to London, Pauline followed, and so began a career in dancing that would see her travel as far afield as Egypt and Iraq.

“I did a year in revues,” said Pauline. “I remember being in a French revue called One Hot Night.”

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