Park future plans aren’t exactly child’s play

David Brayshaw.
David Brayshaw.
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Call me a conspiracy theorist but I’m beginning to think that our city council has a problem with children’s play areas.

There has been a lot of coverage recently concerning the removal of the play area on the central promenade but, even before that, the play area opposite Morecambe Town Hall was desolated, when LCC decided to remove all the play items overnight.

Then, last week, I learned that LCC are intending to remove the play items from the park between Sunny Slopes and Heysham Village.

To be fair, I understand that the play equipment in the park near the town hall was old and a risk to users and is due to be replaced during the sea defence improvement works.

LCC have also made it clear that the park in Morecambe central will be made bigger and better as part of the ‘improvement’ works which they are undertaking.

But what about the park at Heysham?

The Friends of Bay Cottage Play Area have produced plans for their dream of a new play park and are now busying away to try to raise the funds to make their dream a reality.

They have a Facebook page where you can find more details and check out their plans and fundraising activities.

Carla and I had our first Morecambe council meeting together last week.

It was a very positive meeting and I’m sure that Morecambe will start to see a change.

One of the first things that the council will be undertaking is a public consultation to try to find out what the people of the town want from their council.

There’s been far too much bickering within council ever since it was formed back in 2009 and, in my opinion, it has achieved very little because of this.

A Morecambe council was the dream of Evelyn Archer who worked tirelessly to form the council and then sat as a councillor up until last month.

I’m sorry that Evelyn didn’t stand again for council, I would have liked to have had the opportunity to work with her.

I believe that we have very similar dreams for our town. Evelyn is still entrenched in her work to restore the Winter Gardens so hopefully I can assist her with that at some time in the future.

The council is now here to represent the people of Morecambe; please get involved and help us in our aim to get Morecambe back on the tourist map.