Painter Titian - a true genius

Diana and Callisto by Titian
Diana and Callisto by Titian
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The painter Titian always impresses with his brilliant style of painting; use of colour and talent for portraying emotional states

Born around 1488, in Alpine Calore, he later moved to Venice where he trained under Bellini and Giorgione, two Venetian artists.

Carol Forster

Carol Forster

Giorgione is said to have influenced Titian’s evocative approach to landscape and clever use of tones, to create a certain atmosphere.

Admired by the people of his time, as well as everyone today who’s lucky enough to see his work, he is probably the greatest painter of all time, along with Michelangelo. Titian worked in a variety of ways and completed portraits which are truly impressive.

He also worked on a theme of mythology and poetry such as his awe-inspiring ‘Bacchus and Ariadne’, currently in London’s National Gallery, and his gorgeous ‘Venus of Urbino’ (Uffizzi Gallery, Florence).

In addition, he took commissions for church altar pieces and religious paintings, such as the hauntingly beautiful ‘Madonna and Child’ or the magnificent ‘Assumption’ a feast of colours and clever composition.

His remarkable portraits show not only his gift as a painter, but an uncanny ability to show real human emotions and psychological states, such as his ‘Young Englishman’.

You look at the painted face and see a real human being staring back at you. His ‘Portrait of a Man’ depicts the Archbishop of Milan, Filippo Archinto while his ‘Marques del Vasto’ gleams in armour.

Equally impressive, his Vedramin family portrait shows a family clan alongside a religious sombreness. The aforementioned beautiful ‘Pesaro Madonna’ with detail of the Madonna and child is a real feat of composition.

The colour of the Madonna’s robe; white drape; emotionally drawn facial expressions of both mother and child and balance of the figures depicted create a powerful effect of poignancy and beauty.

This impressive work of art can be found in the church of Sta Maria dei Frari, Venice.

The painter would later meet Michelangelo in Rome.

Titian - a true genius.