Overturned lorry sheds load of washing up liquid across M6 near Carnforth

The M6 near Carnforth.
The M6 near Carnforth.

Drivers found themselves in a slippery situation when a lorry carrying washing up liquid overturned and shed its load across the M6.

The vehicle was involved in a collision with a car which was towing a boat at 1.50am on the northbound carriageway between J35 at Carnforth and J36 at Kirkby Lonsdale.

But two lanes of the motorway remained closed well into Tuesday’s rush hour, causing long tailbacks as far back as Burton Services.

A Highways Agency spokesman said the HGV was carrying boxes of the cleaning product and there was a “significant spillage” of the substance onto the road.

Specialist clean-up teams were brought in to make sure it didn’t run into nearby gullies.

The Environment Agency was also informed.

From the time the accident happened, one lane remained running.

Lane two was re-opened at 8.25am and lane one cleared at around 8.45am.

The Highways Agency spokesman said there were no serious injuries.