Out There: Warriors take on ultimate challenge

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Oh my goodness – I’ve just witnessed one of the toughest sporting events in England.

The Total Warrior challenge at Shap in Cumbria really is the daddy of extreme events.

I went along on Sunday to watch a group of my friends from Fitness Formation training studio in Lancaster taking part in it.

I’d heard it was tough but I hadn’t imagined it would be quite so gruelling.

Hairdresser Colin Brown, who has a salon on Victoria Street in Morecambe, was taking part in Total Warrior with his friend Paul who works for Bowkers on White Lund industrial estate.

Colin seemed pretty nonchalant about the whole thing and I was amazed to hear that he hadn’t found it too difficult.

After the event Colin told me: “I found it tough and I didn’t like the barbed wire or the tunnels. However, I did enjoy the river crossings as they cleaned your legs off.

“It was brilliant fun. I’ve never seen so much bad mud in my life. I was worried I might catch something!

“I loved the camaraderie of it all. It was brilliant fun.”

Paul raised an impressive £1,100 for charity by doing the event.

My brave pals from Fitness Formation had similarly mixed feelings about the event.

Ryan Donohue, who runs Fitness Formation, said his team had loved it but some had found it the hardest challenge they had ever faced.

Throughout the event dance music was pumping out from loud speakers and the course featured a large number of seemingly insurmountable obstacles.

I went there with my husband Mark (aka Sparky) who was taking pictures for a Cumbrian newspaper. We were impressed with the way the participants doggedly battled through the evil looking mud. One of the most impressive obstacles was an enormous water/mud slide. I fancied having a go at that one myself – maybe next year...