Out There: Stormy weather lashes our shores

Storm over Morecambe Bay.
Storm over Morecambe Bay.

Morecambe Bay was like a boiling cauldron last Thursday.

A violent storm whipped up the sea into a devastatingly powerful force.

Everyone in the Visitor newsroom was amazed to see towering waves lashing the promenade and later in the day we were shocked to see a video of cars floating on the waves at VVV health and leisure club near Hest Bank.

Nowadays all journalists are expected to do videos so we piled out onto the prom to do some recording.

I stood on a wall near the Eric Morecambe statue with Visitor editor Nicola Adam, Visitor reporter Michelle Blade and Evening Post features writer Elaine Singleton.

The spray and waves were even hitting poor old Eric. I tried to do some recording but the violent winds blew me into a bush. We gave up after that as it was so difficult to stand still. Luckily my colleague Stuart Bannerman bravely strode out onto the Stone Jetty and did some filming with a video camera on a tripod. His dramatic video (on our website) shows the full extent of the storm.

My husband Mark (‘Sparky’) was also out on the prom later in the day and he took the atmospheric photograph above. Needless to say, he got soaked to the skin.

On a lighter note, we had a Festive Cake Bake in aid of St John’s Hospice on Thursday.

People from the Visitor and Lancaster Guardian office took part and the cakes were sold by my colleague Debbie Butler’s mum Sandra Davies in the Arndale Centre. Sandra managed to sell every single cake and around £150 was raised. Well done Sandra!