Out There: River runs deep in Lune Valley

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Following the course of a river can be one of life’s great pleasures.

On Sunday Sparky and I decided to follow the River Lune from Caton to Lancaster and take a look at new developments along the way.

At the Crook ‘o Lune we were delighted to see that repairs to the old wrought-iron footbridge were nearly completed.

It is going to be wonderful when it is finished as it has new wooden seats with spectacular views up and down the river.

On the other side we came across one of the waymarkers for the Lancashire Witches Trail. Tantalisingly, it had a verse from one of Poet Laureate Carol Ann Duffy’s poems etched into it. We’d definitely like to follow the entire trail from Pendle to Lancaster one day.

We headed along the Millennium Path and had a look at the new eco houses near Halton. It was the first time I’d seen them and I thought how lucky the residents were to live in such an idyllic spot.

We also came across the infamous ‘upside down trees’ sculpture that had been extremely controversial when the Millennium Path was first created. I can report that the trees are no longer upside down – they are all horizontal and rotting away.

The stretch of path to Halton features some impressive weirs.

Rushing water thundered over the weirs and wild birds such as herons and cormorants were in abundance.

We neared the M6 motorway bridge at Halton and came across some colourful graffiti.

Sparky couldn’t resist posing for a photograph, as usual.

A short distance past the bridge we decided to take a look at the work that Costain has done so far on the M6 link road project.

Sparky whined and complained about ruining his shoes but I dragged him up the slope anyway.

The sight of so many felled trees was saddening but the company has said it is planning to replant trees along the route. You can see the full extent of the work if you drive over the M6 motorway bridge from Junction 34 towards Kendal.

The stretch of path from Halton to Lancaster wasn’t as full of interest but we soon reached the city and made for the Merchants pub. A Christmas shopping frenzy was in full flow so we spent an hour in the pub.

On the way to get the bus back to Caton we heard frenetic tweeting coming from two trees at Horseshoe Corner.

A massive flock of long-tailed tits was roosting in the trees. It was an incredible sight but the tiny birds were hard to make out individually as it was so dark.

Back at home we’ve been preparing for Christmas day.

My entire family is coming down from Scotland for the festive period. It will be a bit of squeeze but we’ll have a great time as we Scots know how to party!