Out There: Making a splash

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Stormy weather and turbulent seas added a dash of excitement to our recent visit to Cleveleys.

I went there on Sunday with my husband Mark and his mum Linda as we’d heard that there was an air show at nearby Blackpool.

However, we were just a bit too far away to fully appreciate the historic aircraft flying over the Fylde coast.

We caught glimpses of a Lancaster bomber and smaller planes but the real excitement came from the sea.

Enormous waves were crashing against the newly enhanced promenade.

Some idiots were walking right up to the edge of the promenade where towering waves threatened to drag them in.

Such recklessness could have ended in disaster for the men, women and children fooling around by the water’s edge.

We had a bracing walk along the prom and enjoyed reading the lines of literature on the sea-themed artworks (perhaps they got some of their ideas from the artworks on our prom at Morecambe).

On the home front, I’ve been turning into a bit of a caravan nerd.

Since obtaining our little pop up caravan I’ve become obsessed with reading up on the subject and visiting caravan accessory shops.

We visited Riversway Leisure at Preston on Sunday – an Aladdin’s Cave of caravan-related items.

Caravanning clearly attracts many different types of people as the place was full of slightly odd mullet-headed, silk shorts-wearing men, sensible retired couples, trendy young things, families with broods of screaming youngsters and surly teenagers as well as nerds like me.

We came away with various bits of pipe, matting, specialised loo roll and other items.

I went to the Halton Festival on Saturday where I met a woman who is going to make us some miniature seaside-themed bunting for the caravan.

A bit over the top you might think, but it’s nothing compared to some of the caravans I’ve seen on recent trips. Some sites are like the Blackpool Illuminations at night time as the vans and awnings are festooned with solar-powered lights.

Other campers choose to fly flags, erect elaborate wind breaks and set up home cinemas in awnings.

We are planning our next trip to the Kent coast in October where we are likely to encounter some wild weather and landscapes.