Out There: Life’s a beach hut in Bournemouth

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The south coast of England is many miles from the seaside towns of Lancashire but they have much in common.

As a life-long lover of the sea, I thought it would be interesting to find out what the ‘Jurassic Coast’ had to offer.

On a recent holiday I went to the bustling coastal resort of Bournemouth with my husband Mark (aka Sparky).

We were instantly captivated by Dorset and its many attractions.

Beautiful golden beaches and vibrant ports hug the coast so we were spoiled for choice.

The great thing about Bournemouth, which was built in 1811, is that it has a long seafront with several promenades, each with its own unique character.

We stayed at the Riviera Hotel in a well-to-do area called Alum Chine.

The Alum Promenade was just a couple of minutes away so as soon as we arrived we walked the seven-mile length of the seafront.

I was enchanted by the brightly-coloured beach huts. Bournemouth was the first place in the UK to have purpose built beach huts.

As we walked along we came across the first hut built in 1909.

It was marked with a blue tourism plaque but apart from that it was fairly inconspicuous. However, some of the huts were like little palaces.

They were decorated in funky colours and we found out that, in addition to being able to hire one, it’s now possible to get married in one. Wish we’d done that.

As well as sampling the beach life of Bournemouth, we visited the romantic ruins of Corfe Castle, pristine Lulworth Cove and the historic port of Swanage.

We explored the village of Corfe Castle and climbed the castle walls before heading to Lulworth Cove. We’d expected it to be quiet but hundreds of schoolchildren were swarming everywhere.

The hugely popular natural feature was created when the roof of a sea cave fell in leaving a perfect shell-shaped cove with white walls and Mediterranean blue water.

We ended the day with a walk around Swanage.

This quiet seaside resort with its interesting Victorian buildings and crumbling pier, was a relaxing place in which to unwind before heading home.

We’re now planning a trip back to Dorset and other parts of the south coast in our caravan.

Visit www.bournemouth.co.uk for more information on hotels and accommodation, what’s on, food and drink, areas to visit, or to request a brochure.