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Ingrid and 'Sparky'.
Ingrid and 'Sparky'.
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It’s ‘Time to Say Goodbye’, as the opera divas sing.

I’ve written a column for The Visitor for nigh on 15 years and have loved every minute of it. However, it’s time to focus on new avenues of writing so this will be my last column for the paper.

It all started with the ‘Allotment Life’ column when I was a junior reporter on The Visitor.

I had an allotment at Highfield in Lancaster and wrote about everything from the joys of learning how to grow fruit and veg to the time a woman was moved off the site for topless sunbathing.

Shortly before I got married to former Visitor photographer, Mark Harrison (known in this column as ‘Sparky’) it became the ‘Out There’ column.

We have always tried to bring Visitor readers tales and photographs of interesting places to visit. Our main focus has been the local area, but the occasional tales of trips to Europe and even Japan, have been slipped in.

And poor old Sparky has been the butt of many a joke over the years.

We will still be living in the Morecambe and Lancaster area and will watch Morecambe’s fortunes with great interest.

Highlights for us have been writing about places to visit around Morecambe Bay and being able to celebrate the beauty of the area through Mark’s photography.

It has been a delight to go to countless events and to meet all sorts of amazing characters. A few stand out – Queens Guide to the Sands, Cedric Robinson, designer, Wayne Hemingway, eccentric chef, Clarissa Dickson-Wright and Eric Morecambe’s son, Gary. I’ll never forget the time I was on a cross-bay walk with Cedric and he caught a ‘flook’ (flatfish) with his foot.

He gave it to me and told me to have it for tea - priceless.

It has been a joy and a privilege to be able to share such experiences with Visitor readers. Thank you for the wonderful memories and I hope to see you ‘Out There’.