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Ingrid Kent admiring a Christmas display in Nice.
Ingrid Kent admiring a Christmas display in Nice.
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Now is the season of Christmas lights displays.

All I can say it thank goodness for the enthusiastic souls who light up their homes,trees, fences and shrubbery and bring a little cheer to the long winter nights. Yes, some of the displays may be a bit brash, but they are a perfect antidote to the unrelenting darkness of this time of year.

Driving around Morecambe on Sunday with my husband Mark, we noticed numerous dazzling displays. And this, as anyone who lives in the area will know, is only the start. Over the next few days the number of displays will increase, with some homes boasting illuminated extravaganzas of Las Vegas-sized proportions.

We had just returned from a holiday in France and were glad of the colourful sights.

Christmas is a less consumerist and more traditional affair in France, but they do take the opportunity to create some exquisite lighting displays.

The weather in France was similarly cold and wet to the conditions we’re currently experiencing. As we trudged around Cannes, Antibes, Juan les Pins and Nice we watched workmen putting up festive displays. The palm trees were swathed in twinkling ice-white lights. Simply magical.

As human beings, is seems that we are inexorably drawn to the light. It improves our mood, makes us feel warm inside. With the winter solstice fast approaching, we’re all a little starved of light. Thankfully, from Sunday, December 21, the days will start to get longer and lighter. However, we don’t have to stay tucked up indoors. Sometimes it’s fun to get outside and embrace the dark. I’m looking forward to the Lantern Festival organised by More Music which will take place tomorrow night (Wednesday, December 10) in Morecambe’s West End.

The Festival has been running for ten years and I’ve been to every one.

This year it starts at 6pm and there will be music, singing and art installations.