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Pimms Mulled Wine.
Pimms Mulled Wine.
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Not everyone loves winter with its freezing winds and long dark nights, but the season does have some saving graces.

It’s a time of rich aromas; the heady scent of mulled wine being one of my favourites.

The spice-infused perfume of mulled wine takes me back to fun nights with friends.

It’s a nostalgic smell and that’s what I love about it.

I was at The Queen’s Hotel pub in Lytham on Sunday where members of staff were serving up mulled wine and a beverage called Pimm’s Winter Cup in little teapots with knitted tea cosies.

The aromas were to die for.

More than any lights displays or fancy trees, the exotic scents of these drinks filled me with a feeling of seasonal good cheer.

The sense of smell is one of the most evocative of the five main human senses.

A strong scent can take me back years and be just as powerful as a piece of music or an image.

My favourite smell has to be that of a sea breeze.

For me, the salty tang of the sea simply can’t be beaten.

I also love the scent of the valley in which we live. After a long drive there’s nothing like stepping out of the car and inhaling the combined smells of vegetation, pine trees and rich earth in the Lune Valley.

Sometimes it’s particularly obscure smalls that can take me back in time.

On Facebook the other day I shared a conversation about Country Born Hair Gel and Insette Hair Mousse.

Both scents have the power to take me back to my first year at secondary school when we all tried in vain to re-create the ‘New Romantic’ look of bands like Soft Cell, Duran Duran and Yazoo.

One sniff of the hair products and I’m an awkward teen with no fashion sense again.

We’re lucky to have this powerful sense so I say go forth and inhale the scents of the season.