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Ingrid admires a vintage Volkswagen Beetle at the car show.
Ingrid admires a vintage Volkswagen Beetle at the car show.
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Fans of ‘70s cop show The Sweeney and vintage vehicle lovers were in their element at the Total Retro car show at Crooklands near Kendal on Saturday and Sunday.

verything from Vauxhall Vivas, Ford Escorts and Ford Granadas to much older vehicles including Ford Populars, Minis and VW campervans, were lined up for inspection at the show.

My husband Mark (Sparky) is mad about 4X4 vehicles so he was delighted to see an early and well used Toyota Landcruiser and a Series 1 Land Rover. I fell in love with the many different Volkswagens from Golf GTIs and low profile Beetles to quirky custom built campervans with funky interiors.

It reminded me of a car show we came across when we were on honeymoon in Tokyo.

The event was bizarrely called a “Dress Up Day” and it included the most amazing pimped up rides you could imagine.

Neon pink muscle cars with Manga graphics were lined up next to slick saloons with fantasy body kits. Some of the Japanese cars had high tech sound systems with concert-sized speakers. Huge amounts of money had been lavished on the vehicles and the aloof owners looked justifiably proud of their creations.

The event at Crooklands was a low key affair in comparison but it was just as much fun.

What surprised and delighted me was that it attracted participants and spectators of all ages. Boy racer types with Ford Escorts and VW Golfs rubbed shoulders with dapper ladies and gents with Mini Coopers.

Many were camping over with their families and were also enjoying the auto jumble and vintage stalls.

The event made me start looking forward to Morecambe’s Vintage by the Sea festival which will take place in the town on September 6 and 7.

This glamorous and fun event was a huge success last year and promises to be much bigger and more exciting this year.

I’m eagerly anticipating Vintage by the Sea as it’s a celebration of music, fashion, dancing, beauty, food, film, art and design from years gone by.

Wayne and Gerardine Hemingway, who have created the Vintage by the Sea brand, know a thing or two about music as well as fashion and design. They are preparing a feast of swing, rockabilly, mod, funk, soul, ska and disco music for the festival.

From the ‘20s to the ‘80s, the festival will celebrate the culture that has made Britain truly great.

I’m delighted that such an event is taking place in Morecambe – with the magnificent Midland Hotel as its main focus.

Bring it on!